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Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk Converter

Written by Elizabeth Thacker

Here's news that isn't new: modern Americans sit far too much. We all know this, but most of us take it for granted and accept it as a necessary part of life. Yet, the long term effects of this "sitting disease" (including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and premature death) are too serious to ignore.

Sit-stand desk converters turn the desk you already own into an ergonomic work station that allows you to switch between sitting and standing without leaving your desk. We'll go over some of the benefits of the sit-stand desk converter, including recommendations for popular models.

Why Sit-Stand Desks Are Better

The rising popularity of standing desks is an understandable response to excessive sitting, but it turns out you can have too much of a good thing.

Prolonged sitting may be bad for your health, but prolonged standing can cause problems too. Especially if you make an abrupt switch to standing long periods of time, you could experience swollen feet and ankles along with muscle aches and back pain. For most people, the best option is a balance between sitting and standing.

Adjustable height desks (like the sit-stand desk converters) provide much-needed versatility. Instead of being desk-bound or forced to stand all day, the sit-stand desks let you move up and down and shift positions. Alternating between sitting and standing aims for the best of both worlds.

Good for Your Body

Overall health is the cumulative effect of thousands of small, daily choices. One shining moment of choosing carrots over m&ms isn't going to launch you to your goal weight, but multiplying that small decision over and over makes a big difference.

Alternating between sitting and standing has been linked with several health advantages. Studies have noted everything from increased energy to positive effects on blood pressure and blood sugar. You'll even burn a few more calories.

While standing at your desk is not a substitute for exercise, it is a healthy ingredient for your overall lifestyle.

For example, a 2013 study in the Netherlands compared three groups of participants: the first group sat for 14 hours a day, the second substituted one hour with vigorous exercise, and the third substituted 6 hours with minimal intensity exercise (4 hours of walking and 2 hours of standing). The results showed that 6 hours of minimal intensity exercise was more effective than one hour of the vigorous workout.

The benefits are measurable, but don't worry if you can't see huge changes overnight. Like most health habits, the sit-stand desk is more about developing a healthy work space for long-term benefits. It takes time and to gain the full health benefits of a sit-stand desk converter.

Proper use is also key for getting the most benefit out of your sit-stand desk converter. We recommend wearing supportive shoes and using an anti-fatigue mat to make standing as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. Pay attention to your posture as well. If you stand with your desk too low, you may find yourself slouching and bending your neck to work on your computer. Whether you are sitting or standing, keep your monitor at a height that keeps you from craning your neck to see the screen.

One of the major benefits of the sit-stand desk converter is that it allows you to add standing time to your day gradually. If you're used to sitting all day, prolonged standing may cause distracting soreness.

 The sit-stand desks are easy to adjust up and down and you can start standing throughout the day without overdoing it. Start small and use a timer to remind you to stand up - even if it's just for a few minutes. Over time you'll build up the amount you stand each day in a safe, comfortable way.

Good for Your Mind

Sit-stand desks have psychological benefits as well. The practice of standing for part of the work day is linked with an overall boost in mood, energy, and productivity.

One study monitored several participants who used sit-stand desks throughout the work day to alternate between sitting and standing. Surprisingly, they found that even though participants were more focused while in the sitting position, their overall productivity increased if they alternated between sitting and standing.

Physical trainers switch up exercises for the maximum benefit in workouts, and the same principle holds true for mental powers. Instead of pounding away in the same position, add variety by sitting and standing to keep things fresh and productive.

Keep the Desk You Already Like

Now let's talk about why a sit-stand desk converter might be even more ideal than a standard sit-stand desk. The sit-stand desk converter is designed to sit directly on top of the desk you already have.

Not everyone has the option or desire to ditch their current desk and set up a new one.

Perhaps your desk is a lovely, heirloom piece of furniture. Perhaps you were assigned a desk at your office and don't have the option of bringing in your own. Either way, a desk converter is an easy way to transform your current desk into an ergonomic sit-stand workstation.

Making healthy adjustments in your work space doesn't mean you have to replace all your furniture. If you have a desk you like, keep it. You can place the sit-stand converter on top with no hassle and remove it if you ever change your mind.

Keep Your Storage

Here's a question that springs to mind when browsing through modern standing desks:

"Where do these people keep their paper clips?"

The sleek, elegant styles leave you with two options: keep the paper clips and other office supplies out on your desk, or find storage elsewhere. If you have an adorable Kate Spade tape dispenser, by all means, keep it out on your desk. The rest of us just want desk drawers.

But you don't have to scour the internet to find a sit-stand desk that comes with drawer storage. You're probably sitting a desk with storage right now and a sit-stand converter turns your current desk (with all that lovely drawer storage) into an ergonomic flexible workstation. Problem solved.

Good for Your Budget

Sit-stand desk converters also tend to be easier on your budget than buying an entire height adjustable desk. It offers a way for people to experiment with the difference that a sit-stand desk can make without investing as much money up front.

Which Sit-Stand Desk Converter Should I Get?

Our best selling sit-stand desk converters are the VIVO V000B and the VIVO V000V. Both use dual gas springs that allow you to lift and lower the desk in a single smooth motion. The notches on the side lock the adjustable height into place.

The removable keyboard tray creates a two-tier workspace that optimizes your keyboard and monitor height. It improves posture even while sitting since you can raise your monitor to eye level while keeping the keyboard on the desk.

The desk area for both models measures 36" by 22", providing plenty of workspace while still comfortably fitting on most standard office desks. The anti-skid padding helps keep the frame of the desk converter from shifting or sliding.

Wondering what the difference between the two models is? The slightly less expensive V000V has a device slot in the desk to hold your phone or tablet. It has a height range of 6.5 to 17 inches and a weight capacity of 33 pounds. The removable keyboard tray on this model measures 10.5 by 25 inches. It comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

The V000B model has a larger tray in the desktop to corral items like notepads and pens. It easily supports 37.5 pounds and has a height range of 6.5 to 16 inches. The keyboard tray measures 28 by 9 inches. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

If you have any questions about these models or other sit-stand desk converters, feel free to contact us at (link). We're happy to help!


Sit-stand desk converters are a simple way to minimize the harmful effects of sitting and boost your health and productivity. Although they are just one aspect of a healthy lifestyle, they are an easy, low-cost option to revamp your current work station.