3 Amazing Chiropractic Benefits of Zero Gravity Power Recliners

3 Amazing Chiropractic Benefits of Zero Gravity Power Recliners

At least 70 million adults in the United States deal with some type of chronic pain. Lower Back pain being the second most common reason Americans visit the doctor. Many people dealing with issues involving the spine have found great benefit in visiting the chiropractor. Amazingly there are similar benefits to having a Zero Gravity Power Recliner with heat and massage therapy. Let's explore that a little further.

Chiropractic Benefits of Zero Gravity Recliners


The human body has 3 types of muscles. Skeletal, Cardiac, and Smooth. A chiropractic adjustment can help restore the spines motion and proper alignment. This allows for the muscles to relax by creating nerve impulses in the body. A good massage helps to loosen muscle fibers and also increase range of motion. Regular massage can help the body respond faster to chiropractic adjustments. Our Svago Zero Gravity Recliners place your body into an ergonomic, weightless position that helps decompress the spine while delivering an effective massage and heat therapy. This is the perfect power recliner to compliment your chiropractic visits.  

Svago Zero Gravity Power Recliner


A chiropractic adjustment is great for realigning the body which helps to reduce pain and support a proper posture. A zero gravity electric recliner will also support posture with its neck and lumbar pillows with memory foam. The pillows in conjunction with the zero gravity position is ideal for maintaining a healthy spine and posture.

Svago Zero Gravity Recliner


Chiropractic adjustments help to improve circulation by treating the joint restrictions and dysfunctions in the spine, releasing pressure from the nerves and restoring circulation. Our Svago zero gravity recliners place you in a zero gravity position that elevates the knees above the heart level. This position decompresses the spine and increases blood flow. All the benefits of zero gravity power recliners help to decrease the chance of stroke or heart attack.

Svago zero gravity recliner
Having a zero gravity indoor recliner has many benefits that are similar to chiropractic work. Using a zero gravity recliner will benefit your chiropractic visits tremendously by keeping your bodies posture aligned and keeping the muscles loose and your range of motion lengthened. So as you can see there are many benefits to have a zero gravity recliner with the greatest benefit possibly being the reduced back pain that so many people suffer from. If you are interested in a high quality zero gravity recliner please click the link and check out our amazing Svago Zero Gravity Recliners.