Experience the Finest Massage with Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Massage Chair.

Experience the Finest Massage with Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Massage Chair.

Did you know that getting a good massage can help in solving a math problem, increasing attendance at work, making better decisions, etc?

Massaging chairs aren't just luxurious pieces of furniture but they have shown significant improvement in blood circulation, muscle recovery, and immunity response, in the users.

One such massaging chair is the Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Massage Chair.

Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Massage Chair (Certified Pre-Owned)

The Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Massage Chair is crafted with the finest material and is equipped with highly advanced massage technology available today. It has a unique J-Track Massage for maximum coverage and stretching capabilities.

The following unique features make it different from other massaging chairs:

  1. Super-advanced 3D/4D Rollers: The Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Massage Chair delivers the most advanced massage technology available. It combines dual in-out 3D motions, with sweeping left-right and up-down motions, to create a human hand-like deep-tissue massage that feels smooth and fluid.
  1. J-Track: While S tracks deliver spinal decompression and L track provides glute massage, they lose the decompression capabilities very soon. The unique J track combines the best of both worlds with spinal decompression and glute massage.
  1. Ultimate Foot Massage: The chair offers an incredible massage experience that your feet will thank you for. This therapeutic foot massage is complete with cutting-edge variable speed reflexology rollers, complete heat, and total foot compression massage.
  1. Auto Size Leg Extension: Advanced sensors auto-size the leg extension for the perfect fit. Thus, Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Zero Gravity Massage Chair offers rejuvenated therapy customized just for them.
  1. Auto-programs: The Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Massage Chair comes with 12 automatic programs to make it easy for users to easily find a massage that's great for them. Some of these auto programs include:
  • Health: This program is the best choice to relax tired muscles and increase physical vigor. It offers a comprehensive massage session using deep tissue kneading and tapping.
  • Pain Relief: This is an appropriate program for people who work at a desk or travel a lot. This strong kneading and shiatsu massage effectively decompress the entire body, thus helping in relieving pain.
  • Stretch: This program is best for winding down and re-energizing yourself after a long day. Yoga-like stretching motions grab, hold and gently extend the body, while deep shiatsu massage helps to boost the vitality of muscles.

Other programs such as Neck and Shoulder, Waist and Spine, Back Rehab, and Relax helps to soothe and rejuvenate the body.

Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Massage Chair is a certified pre-owned Massage Chair. Kyota techs have run these chairs through a 37-point inspection to guarantee perfect working conditions and minimal visual blemishes. Avail the amazing discounts by purchasing the chair from ErgowayShop!