Optimize your body and soul: Kyota Genki M380 Massage Chair

Optimize your body and soul: Kyota Genki M380 Massage Chair

The present COVID era has compelled most people to work remotely. This has resulted in a sedentary lifestyle involving minimal physical exercise. The long sitting sessions in front of the screens lead to muscle fatigue, back pain and overall body discomfort. At the end of the day, what one needs is sound relaxation.

This could be accomplished by massaging chairs. These aren't just luxurious furniture items but provide efficient muscle relaxation. Numerous clinical reports indicate their benefits like good blood circulation, pain management, muscle recovery, managing stress, etc. 

While the health benefits of a massaging chair are numerous, it is always important to select the 'right chair' for your body. 

In this article, our focus is to give you a 360 degrees view of a highly sought after massaging chair. Kyota Genki M380 Massage Chair has multiple features and comes at an affordable price. 

Kyota Genki M380 Massage Chair 

The Kyota Genki M380 Full Body Massage Chair has a slim body structure and is 30" wide. This makes it highly space-friendly. It is useful in the massage of arms and legs, supporting a maximum of 300 lbs of weight. It is suitable for the 4' 8" - 6' 5" height range. 


360 degrees, 4-node message: Kyota comes with a four-node robot. It can perform a variety of motions like tapping, shiatsu, kneading with tapping, knocking massage etc.  360 Degree
 L-Track Technology: Kyota Genki M380 possesses a 43" L-Track. The track can push the quad rollers from heads to thighs. This gives a quality full body spa massage. L-Track functions almost the same way as the S-Track but goes further down the body. 

Body Scan Technology: The chair can map the back, shoulders, neck, with a single click. All you need to do is select an auto program and press the OK button. It will perform an optimised body scan.

Lumbar Heat: The back of the chair is equipped with heating modules. These provide a soothing sensation, loosening the muscles and providing a relaxing experience.

Lumber Heat

Calf Oscillators: The calf muscles in the shaft are often the most tired ones. Kyoto Genki M380 Massage Chair offers the twin advantage which usually comes at a double price in other chairs. These include a kneading motor and oscillation motor. They work together with the air cell compression system and provide a comprehensive massage of the body.

Total Sole Reflexology: The chair uses triple shiatsu rollers per foot. These are accompanied by the squeeze of air compression. The two together provide reflexology relief throughout the body.

One-touch zero-gravity: The zero gravity experience is essential to elevate the knees above the heart. The sense of weightlessness allows the spine to decompress and maximize the effect of the massage rollers.

Intelligent Voice Command + Control: This wonderful feature helps to control the chair and thus the massaging experience. Voice commands like, 'Stress Relief', 'Change to point mode', can be utilized to opt for a hands-free experience.

Slide forward space-saving: Kyota Genki M380 is just 30" wide and occupies less space. Moreover, the zero wall technology helps to place the chair anywhere with ease.

12 Auto Programs + 3 Memorized Programs: The auto programs are user-friendly and cover a variety of options. These include, 'Rest and Relax', 'Back Relief', 'Athlete Mode', etc.

      Besides these amazing features, Kyota Genki M380 Massage Chair comes with additional installations like chemotherapy lights and a USB charging port. It includes a four-year warranty as well. 

      With Kyota Genki M380 at home, anybody can enjoy the health benefits of the massage. It improves both physical as well as mental health, contributing to the overall productivity of the individual. The head-to-toe relaxing experience comes in the comfort of your home, that too at an economic price. 

      So, don't wait for any more. Get home Kyota Genki M380 and enjoy a therapeutic massaging experience. 

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