5 Reason to Buy a Massage Chair

5 Reason to Buy a Massage Chair


It has never been a better time to buy a massage chair. Booking a massage at a massage clinic is in high demand. This is creating increasing prices and longer waiting times to book your session. Let's go over the benefits of buying a massage chair for your home or business.


The national average cost of a massage is $100 per session. Also lets not forget the time and gas money spent going back and forth from your home to the clinic. At Ergoway we offer 0% financing options that range from $100 - $300 per month and you can have your massage chair paid off within a year. Once it is paid off you'll never have to pay for another massage again.


If you are booking a massage, get ready for long wait times which makes it impossible to get a massage on a regular basis. With your own massage chair you can receive a massage as often as possible and on your time.


Having a massage chair in your home or workplace allows you to create your own environment that makes you comfortable. Many of our massage chairs have Bluetooth speakers that allow you to play your own audio and create your own vibe.


No longer deal with different masseuses with different styles and levels of experience. Our massage chairs give you the option to choose your levels of intensity, your styles of massage and deliver high quality results every time.


Buying a massage chair doesn't just benefit you. All your friends and family will get to enjoy the benefits of massage as well. Our massage chairs have adjustable features in order to please users of all shapes and sizes.

 We have a large list of massage chairs and we realize that it can be hard to narrow it down to the right massage chair for you. If you need help choosing just click the link below and fill out the form. We will then help you narrow it down and accommodate any questions you may have.