Svago Swivel: Redefining Zero-Gravity Experience

Svago Swivel: Redefining Zero-Gravity Experience

Even when you get home after a hectic day, you still have deadlines to meet, submissions at hand, on your mind.

In such a scenario, all you need is something to help you relax comfortably and create a 'me time.'

Recliner chairs offer you just the same. They benefit your physical health by helping you to stay in a comfortable position and leave you with maximum rejuvenation.

One such excellent recliner is the new Svago Swivel.

The new Svago Swivel is a cleverly designed recliner that offers a 280-degree swivel function that no other chair can. It is an amazing triad of luxury, innovation, and dashing looks.

The zero-gravity position invented by NASA and lumbar spine heat treatment will help your body get a head-to-toe recovery. The smart zero gravity posture decompresses the spine, relieves pressure and back discomfort, improves blood circulation, and reduces swelling – all at the touch of a button.

It comes with two air massage programs that deliver moderate pressure through waves to help the body relax even further. A fully adjustable foot and headrest let you move and relax in whatever way you wish.

Let's learn about some of its features:

  1. Extensive massage: The muscles and tissues aren't the only things that require massage. Two air massage programs apply light pressure in waves over your entire body. This helps in improving blood flow and circulation by targeting nerve endings and receptors beyond the muscles and tissues. This also aids in the improvement of the lymphatic system by eliminating toxins from the body, as well as reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation. Low back heat treatment extends a new level of care by providing effective pain alleviation.
  1. Floating in Zero-Gravity: You can gaze out of the window and enjoy a beautiful sunset while laying on Svago Swivel. With its 280-degree swivel, it makes you float in the air. You can easily rest and recline in zero gravity with a heavy-duty base that adjusts from 0 to 180 degrees at the touch of a button. It is designed to decompress the spine and ease pressure and tension while rehydrating the discs.

Svago Swivel Zero-Gravity Experience

  1. Luxurious design: Svago Swivel is a luxurious massage chair that you'll want to flaunt. The Swivel features a modern design with 100% top-grain, buttery-soft leather in taupe, toffee, or black that complements the natural wood and walnut base. It can be your favorite essential in the living room where you can relax in elegance.
  1. Offers complete control: The Svago Swivel has a simple, easy-to-use remote control and dial that provide you with complete control over your massage programs. It allows you to focus on different parts of your body at any moment. Fast USB charging helps you to recharge while on the go. The fitting headrest makes it simpler to relax. The independent footrest comes with various adjustments that can customize your massage according to your preferences, regardless of your height, shape, or posture.

The Svago Swivel is available in taupe, toffee, or black. It is made up of 100 percent top-grain, buttery-soft leather with natural wood and walnut veneer. Not only, it will give you a spa-like relaxing experience but also will enhance the look of your room.

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