Sweat off the stress: Infrared Saunas

Sweat off the stress: Infrared Saunas

How often have we heard a warm bath can be a rejuvenating bliss? Saunas do much more than that. A typical sauna is a chamber heated between 70° to 100° Celsius. The dry heat with some amount of moisture helps to sweat out the body. It offers benefits similar to exercise. 

The multiple health effects include: 

  1. Cardiovascular benefits: When a person uses the sauna, the heart rate increases. The relaxation of blood vessels improves circulation. The benefits are similar to those of low to moderate exercise. 
  2. Eases pain: The relaxing effect of heat eases pain and reduces muscle soreness. It also allows good joint movement. Saunas are reported to be highly beneficial in arthritis. 
  3. Helpful in Asthma: The dry air penetrates the respiratory system and clears up the airways. This provides relief from asthmatic symptoms. 
  4. Skin rejuvenation: Sweating is known for the release of toxins which helps in skin repair. The saunas help in the rejuvenation of skin, making it look both young and plump. 
  5. Relieves stress: Saunas are known to provide an overall soothing effect to the mind and body. The quietness and warmth release endorphins in the body which have a relaxing effect. 

There are different kinds of saunas like wood-burning, infrared saunas, electrically-heated saunas, etc. Out of them, infrared saunas are usually in high demand. 

Infrared Saunas: 

Infrared saunas don’t heat the air directly. Rather, they use infrared lamps to warm up the body. These lamps use electromagnetic waves to heat a person’s body instead of the entire room. Temperatures are generally kept lower than in other saunas, but the person sweats similarly. Usually, infrared saunas have a temperature of about 60° Celsius.

Clearlight Premier IS-5 Five Person Far Infrared Sauna

This use of infrared panels instead of conventional heat offers an amazing advantage. The heat easily penetrates the human tissues. This heats your body before heating the environment. 

The other benefits offered by infrared saunas are: 

  • body detoxification
  • clear and plump skin
  • improves blood circulation
  • helps in chronic fatigue syndrome
  • eases symptoms of asthma
  • relieves joint pain
  • helpful in weight loss
  • improves sleep
  • overall relaxation 

Infrared Saunas have been recommended for people who cannot tolerate temperatures typically found in a regular sauna. Also, people with mobility problems and heart health issues are advised to get an infrared sauna instead of the other types. 

Clearlight Premier IS-2 Two-Person Infrared Sauna: 

The Clearlight Premier IS-2 Two-Person Infrared Sauna is one of the highest sought after saunas. This is due to the fact that it is one of the few sauna models that can still be plugged into a standard outlet without a need for an electrician. 

Clearlight Premier IS-2 Two Person Far Infrared Sauna

Like all Premier IS Saunas, the IS-2 is equipped with standard chromotherapy lighting, furniture-grade cabinets, a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty, and reservation mode. The reservation mode is a highly advanced feature that allows a person to program the sauna to start up to 36 hours in advance. 

The Clearlight Premier IS-2 Two-Person Infrared Sauna type is available in either grade “A” Clear Western Red Canadian Cedar Wood or Basswood. It makes use of a double-wall tongue and groove construction method. 

Several infrared panels are installed in it. True Wave™ far infrared heaters on the back wall, sidewalls, under the bench, next to your calves, and on the floor; ensure uniform heating of the body. 

There's no better way to relax and relieve stress without ever needing to leave home. Saunas serve as a great stress buster and offer a range of health benefits.


If you're thinking of getting yourself an Infrared Sauna, consider Clearlight Premier IS-2 Two-Person Infrared Sauna.


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