Zero Gravity Chairs vs Recliners

Zero Gravity Chairs vs Recliners


These terms are commonly used by the general public without knowing the key differences between the two. In this article we will take a deep dive highlighting the differences between zero gravity chairs and zero gravity recliners.

Svago zero gravity recliners


There are several types of Zero Gravity Chairs. Some chairs come with a fixed Zero gravity positioning and lack the ability to move from an upright seated position to a zero gravity position. These chairs are more commonly used in outdoor settings, are unpowered and lighter weight. A zero gravity reclining chair could be used indoors or outdoors depending on the build. If they are manual reclining then they are most likely lighter weight and can be transported easily. A zero gravity power recliner on the other hand is used primarily indoors, has a luxurious look and operates using a remote control. These zero gravity recliners have many benefits above the standard zero gravity chair.


Zero Gravity indoor recliners typically have more beneficial features than a basic indoor/outdoor zero gravity chair. Traditional zero gravity chairs are a basic alternative to a zero gravity power recliner and are less expensive. So why choose an indoor zero gravity recliner? Indoor zero gravity recliners are powered and feature luxury options like massage, heat therapy, remote functionality and smart wake-up programs. Indoor zero gravity electric recliners are a great alternative to the typical zero gravity massage chair and look great as an accent chair in your living room, bedroom or office.

The benefits go beyond optics. The massage and heat therapy loosens and soothes the muscles while increasing blood flow. This combo in conjunction with the zero gravity position is great for reducing lower back pain and healing from certain injuries. The Svago Zero Gravity Recliners come with head and lumbar support pillows that also help support your back and neck. All these benefits make a zero gravity recliner ideal for anyone who has back and neck pain and are looking for ways to heal, lay comfortably and even get some good sleep.