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Desk Converter

Turn your stationary desk into a standing desk. Shop premium standing desk converters from Vivo, ApexDesk and Eureka Ergonomics. Height adjustable desk risers available in a variety of shapes & sizes.  Increase your work productivity & concentration all while keeping your body healthy. We stock 22” - 29”, 30” - 37” and 38” - 46” wide, standing desk converters, priced as low as $105.99!

Benefits of buying a Desk Converter

  • $100 - $300 price point. Very cost effective compared to a full sit-stand desk.
  • Easy Assembly
  • If you love your stationary desk there's no need to get rid of it. Just place the desk converter on top and your ready to transition from sit to stand.
  • Health benefits of switching between sitting and standing include increased blood flow and reduced aches and pains.
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