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Active Home Office Collection

We have curated our favorite items that make up a perfect, active home office. Our ergonomic products are designed to keep you healthy and moving as you work. 

Height Adjustable Desks - All the desks on this list are height adjustable so you can switch from sitting to standing quick and easy.

Active Seating - The seating on this list gives you maximum movement and versatility to quickly go from sitting to standing.

Monitor Arms - We added monitor arms because they are a great addition to your height adjustble desk. They also give you the mobility to move your monitors in all kinds of positions.

Desk Converters - We Included desk converters for those of you who already have a desk but want to add the height adjustment to your fixed desk at home. This is also a more cost effective option and still gives you the movement of the full Height Adjustable Desks.

Anti-Fatigue Mats - These mats are a great way to ease the stress of standing for long periods of time.

Foot RestsReduces stress and exhaustion that may result from prolonged periods of standing or sitting during work. Prop a foot up to alleviate leg and back tension.

PC Carts - Add mobility to your heavy PC.

PC Mounts - These pair great with height adjustable desks. Just mount to the bottom of your desk.

Cable Management - Keep your Cables organized and hidden for a cleaner office look.



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