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Balanced Active Sitting®

Utilize all the time you spend sitting to improve your health instead of damaging it.  Our revolutionary chair design stabilizes your spine and strengthens your core by requiring you to balance on your center of gravity as you sit.  Balanced Active Sitting improves your posture, burns calories and helps you stay alert and focused, resulting in an overall healthier lifestyle.   

for your Body

Calorie burn occurs as the activation of your core muscles cause an increase in heart rate which contributes to weight loss.

for your Mind

Increased brain activity resulting from the complex synchronization of mental function and physical movement when you balance.

for your Soul

When Balancing on SitTight, you turn your everyday sitting into an activity that adds pleasure to your workday.

Get Fit While You Sit

Recent medical research has concluded that sitting for extended periods is so unhealthy that the term “sitting disease” is being used to describe it.

The SitTight chair is engineered to counter the affects of a sedentary lifestyle, allowing people to turn sitting into an activity that improves their health, by simply using their body’s natural ability to balance.

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