Our Story

We’re defining relaxation. It’s what “Svago” means in Italian, after all. But how do you define relaxation? To us, it’s the enjoyment of blissful comfort surrounded by unparalleled beauty.

However you choose to define it, we think you’ll find it in a Svago chair.

We founded Svago on the idea that while we loved the benefits of Zero Gravity seating, that love didn’t carry over to the products on the market. So we chose to design our own chair, from the contoured beech wood frame to the detachable memory foam headrest and everything in between.

Our creation delivers all the benefits of Zero Gravity, as well as massage and heat features, in an incredibly comfortable, high quality recliner that fits in perfectly with your everyday routine.

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There is no 'best zero gravity chair' at Svago -- all of our chairs are just as healing, but include different features and price points that fit your specific needs.

The Newton is our higher-end choice, with three motors, full-body memory foam, royal top grain leather, and air cell massage, a feature that feels as if 15 hands are massaging you at once. Your vacation is only a button away.

The ZGR is our classic zero gravity chair, with two motors, neck and lumbar memory foam with high-density poly-foam, faux leather and high-frequency vibration massage, to loosen and soothe tense or aching muscles.

The Lite is our entry-level chair that packs all the punch of zero-gravity chair power, but with a lower price point. It includes one motor, high-density poly-foam, faux leather and high-frequency vibration massage, to loosen and soothe tense or aching muscles.

 We designed three unique zero gravity massage chairs to fit your specific needs, style and budget. Discover the best zero gravity massage chair to buy that calls to you and your home.





Weight Capacity 400 LBS 325 LBS 275 LBS
Motors 3 Motors 2 Motors 1 Motor
Cushioning Full-Body
Memory Foam
Neck & Lumbar Memory Foam with High-Density Poly-Foam High-Density
Upholstery Royal Top Grain Leather Synthetic Hyde Synthetic Hyde
Massage Features Air Cell Massage Vibration Vibration
Floor Space Upright
Width - 31"
Height - 47.5"
Width - 30"
Height - 46"
Width - 29"
Height - 45"
Heat Therapy Full-Back
Heat Therapy
Heat Therapy
Heat Therapy
Headrest Memory Foam
Power Headrest
Manual Headrest w/
Adjustable Pillow
Manual Headrest
Lumbar Support Remote Control Adjustable Air Cell Lumbar Support Removable
Lumbar Pillow
Footrest Remote Controlled Footrest Remote Controlled Footrest Pre-Set Footrest
Battery Backup
Smart Touch Buttons
Smart Wake-Up Programs
Custom Memory Settings
Custom Massage Programs
One Touch Zero Gravity
Remote Control
Solid Wood Base
Elongated Armrests
One-Touch Power Off


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