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Vibration Machines are still a lesser known fitness machine and we get a lot of questions on the benefits of Vibration Platforms. In this article we will go over 5 reasons why you should be implementing a vibration machine into your workouts.

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A 6 month study has shown that using a whole body vibration plate resulted in a 1% increase in hip bone density. The participants in this study spent 30 minutes on their Body Vibration Machine, three times a week.

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The use of a whole body vibration platform seems to have similar results to treadmill exercise as shown in an Oxford University experiment. Vibrations sent through your entire body reduces fat deposits in your mid section while activating the liver and increasing your metabolism.

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Sonic wave exercises help not only the big muscles of the human body but also small muscles such as facial muscles and pelvic muscles. Whole body vibration exercise, combined with usual power training, will increase maximum muscle strength by an additional 30%.

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Vibrations in a whole body vibration machine are known to increase circulation. The vibrations when using a shaking machine increase lymphatic flow, drawing fluid away from problem areas. This creates the clearance for blood to circulate properly. The benefit of better circulation is the reduced risk of heart issues and diabetes.

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Vibration Machines are great for recovering after a workout, sore after a long day of standing or even when your sick. Just resting on a vibration plate jump starts blood flow in order to get lactic acid out from your sore muscles. A short session on the vibration platform will stimulate the muscles and help your body to recover.

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